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It has emerged that the formation of Mamphele Ramphele's Agang came as a result of collapsed discussion between herself and DA's Helen Zille.

Ramphele formed Agang after she was bitter that Helen Zille had betrayed her by making a U-turn after agreements were signed between the two, reports suggest. People working close with her have broken silence and leaked Ramphele - Zille initial plan that has broken to pieces.

The plan was that Mamphele Ramphele would join the DA and replace Helen Zille as it national leader. This was going to be done to tone down the DA racially biased positions to allow black people to join it as they would have seen it as accommodating all races. 

It is now understood that Helen Zille took some time considering this proposal and later decided that she was not going to leave her position to a black candidate as this would weaken the DA. Some analyst also believe that if Zille had stepped down to allow Ramphele, many white members of the DA would have left the DA. This has led many to believe that the DA is not prepared to accommodate black people especially in it top leadership positions.

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