Cope has finally cut ties with the DA as a result of broken relationship and lack of trust between the two parties. Cope provincial treasurer Bernard Joseph said that  they are not pleased the manner the DA has conducted itself recently and how it has failed to implement some of its agreements with Cope.

Cope has also indicated that their difference became very sharp after Zille had referred to people from outside the Western Cape province as refugees. Zille had to apologize for those remarks as many people were promising to leave the DA.

The DA has not yet expressed itself on the matter but experts have said that this split will hurt the DA during the elections. It has also emerged that the Anc membership in the province has grown with a larger margin as a result of campaigns run by the Anc. The DA had lost its confidence from township communities when it wanted to close some schools that are service black and coloured pupils. This upset many people who have vowed to punish the DA in 2014 elections.
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