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South Africa's 2014 election results have started flowing in this morning. The Anc has emerged as a winner even though less than 50% votes have been counted.

Mamphela Ramphele's Agang does not appear anywhere in the results. Her titanic has sunk in deep seas. It is now clear that this self-claimed and renowned academic has got his mathematics all wrong. People of South Africa do not need to have degrees to discern wisely when it comes to elections.

Appearing on TV this morning, Mamphela Ramphele looked exhausted. When she was asked about her party performance she avoided the question but instead commented about hour poorly run elections were. She is certainly bitter.

The DA has also dropped from projections made by the so-called wise analysts. On the other hand the Anc's has gained more strength that the previous elections. It is already projected that it might score a two-third majority.


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The Anc has scored yet another victory yesterday when the Electoral Court found that DA's smses about Nkandla are lies. The Anc had approach the court after the DA sent smses to more than 1.5 million people begging them to vote DA on basis that Zuma had stolen tax payers money. The court found this to be untrue.

The court ordered the DA to send out another SMS through a bulk short message service to all earlier recipients of the first SMS. The order of the court did not end there. It further directed the DA as to how to phrase the sms. “The DA retracts the SMS dispatched to you which falsely stated that President Zuma stole R246m to build his home. The SMS violated the Code and the Act.”

This is yet another set back for the DA as it is struggling to convince many to vote for them. Many people have accused for acting like SA is America where Obama ran his campaign through social media.

It is not clear whether the DA will have time and enough resources to appeal the decision of the court.

The court found to justify the publication of the SMS message, the DA had relied on the “licence to loot” phrase in the Public Protector’s report. “Reliance on this phrase is completely misplaced because it ignores the context in which it was used and the fact that President Zuma is not implicated in the ‘licence to loot’ situation,” the judgment reads. “In fact, rather than attributing the excessive costs of the Nkandla project to President Zuma, the report focuses on systematic failures.”


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Famous international fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have received a suspended prison sentence of 18 in jail. They are convicted of hiding hundred of millions of tax in Italy. These news came as a shock to many especially because of the reputation of D&G as a popular brand globally.

"I am speechless. We are all shocked. The judgment is inexplicable and we will appeal," said Massimo Dinoia, the lawyer for the designers.

Last year the pair closed the Milan shops where they sold clothes and accessories inspired by Dolce's native Sicily. This was after Italy's appeals court upheld a verdict charges of using Luxembourg holding company Gado to dodge paying taxes on royalties of more 1 billion euros ($1.38 billion). Last year's suspended 20 months jail sentence imposed a fine of up to 10 million euros.

Italy's fashion industry has come under spotlight after posting positive results over the last ten years. Even during the recession, the industry continued to do very well. This led to many companies trying to avoid tax on billions of ponds they made.

"Luxury is one of the few sectors to have done well in recent years," said one Italy's tax specialist.

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