Mamphele Ramphele has finally broke silence on the formation of a party that will contest 2014 elections. Agang is the name of her political party that is planning to fight corruption at all levels of government.

Many have voiced their concerns about her political views and claimed that she only represents the so called academics. She is only know by the few and the elites but people from townships do not have a clue as to she Mamphele is.

She came under attack on social media pages where many were angered by the revelations that she bore Steve Biko's child while Biko was married. This has already raised questions about her claims that she is a co-founder of Black Consciousness Movement. Many understand that she might have been connected to Biko on basis of sexual relations. These claims circulated on social media and many tweeted about it. Ramphele has not responded to these claims

Agang, which means "build" in Sotho, will be a platform that declares war against corruption. "I am not a joiner but a change agent. I have always seen my role as a change agent supporting any appropriate transformative process initiated by any South African," Ramphele said.

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