There has been concerns raised about the manner in which South African media has chosen to report on the murder case of Oscar Pistorius. This included manipulation of headlines to paint a bad picture about Reeva and even the state prosecutors who are involved in the case.

This started soon after news broke about Oscar having shot and killed his girlfriends Reeva Steenkamp. It is alleged that white owned newspapers spread news suggesting that Oscar had thought Reeva has an intruder. The police denied that Oscar had made this claim. It then emerged that this idea had been pushed by media reports in order to paint Oscar as an innocent man from the beginning.

The recent headlines are accusing the investigating officer in the case of Oscar as a murderer who is not fit to testify against Oscar. These attack follow warrant officer Hilton Botha's testimony against Oscar Pistorius. The media has went ahead and tried to dip some dirt about officer Botha and there are now attempts to divert attention from Oscar. Many organisations has raised concerns about how South Africa media is biased and always tries to paint a bad picture about government and all organisations run by black people of South Africa.

The DA has been linked to allegations of a campaign allegedly run by white owned media house to discredit other newspapers that are reporting objectively and are not biased. The New Age newspaper has been a victim of allegations that it was raising it funds by advertisements from state owned organisations. This came as a surprised because almost all newspapers do allow advertisement of state owned organisations in their prints. This simply means they will be paid such ads.

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