It was yet another tough day for Oscar Pistorius in court today. He found himself under severe attack by state's prosecutor, Gerri Nel. It looks like the decision to have Oscar taking a stand has worked against him and his defence.

"Let us go to the truth...." said Gerri Nel. 

"You killed a person. You shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp. Why don't you take responsibility of that? Before you killed Reeva, people looked up to you and now you have a responsibility to tell the truth and you will not?”asked Nel.

It appeared that Oscar was giving too much information and at some stages he was contradicting himself. The court had to warn him a number of times. 

Nel got very upset when Oscar kept on saying that he has to defend himself because his life was on the line. He had to remind Oscar that Reeva is dead because of his actions and has no chance to defend herself.

Nel will continue to cross-examine and proceedings will be televised.


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