Helen Zille sent out to all civil servant stating that her administration is not prepared to employ black people as per requirements of the Employment Equity Amendment Bill. This Bill categorically states that organisations with 150 or more employees must hire persons in line with national demographics, particularly at upper management levels.

She further made statements claiming that non-black employees are hard-working, committed, qualified and effective. She believes that promotions on her administration will ignore all requirements of the bill.

This comes after Zille was under fire for not having a single female MEC on her Western Province administration. More than 90% of her senior staff is dominated by white males.

"We have submitted our comments to [Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant)] making it clear that we are not committed to employment equity. We are prepared to go as far as the Constitutional Court to defend our decision." said Helen Zille.

Many people have expressed concerns about Zille's arrogance especially qualified and experienced potential employees in the province.

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