The DA leader Helen Zille has been exposed yet again for being a hypocrite. Last week she pulled out of The New Age's breakfast show claiming that she does not want to associate herself with event because it was funded by government money.

The New Age responded saying that Helen Zille had been part of previous breakfast shows hosted by The New Age newspaper. She denied those claims but the newspaper then released a video clip to prove that she was indeed part of the breakfast show. In the clip Zille is seen thanking Telkom for making the event a success.

It has now emerged that Helen Zille had solicited funding from The New Age's owners, the Gupta family. The family reported that Zille had visited them in their home in Johannesburg where she was given hundreds of thousands of rands. Helen Zille has admitted that she did visit the Guptas and did walk away with money.

ANC Western Cape chairperson Marius Fransman said yesterday the DA leader could not continue to hide the sources who were behind the funding of her party. Fransman said that Zille was a hypocrite. “We think Helen Zille has lied to the people of the Western Cape. She has to come clean on this one,” Fransman said.

Zille must now explain to the public as to why she lied about the sources of money is funding the DA. The pressure is mounting as people demand that she discloses all sponsors of her party.

Undisclosed sources have reported that many members of the DA are demanding that she resigns.