Cosatu Granted Permission To Strike Again

Breaking news South Africa - The Congress of South African Trade Unions in North West welcomes the decision of the triangle meeting to allow the Federation, to go ahead with the planned mass action at the most expensive toll gate, Swartruggens tomorrow, 25 January 2013.

The meeting has rescinded its previous decision to request COSATU NW to postpone the activity until after the AFCON game and has decided to allow COSATU to march on the 25 January 2012 as earlier scheduled.

COSATU NW were told that there is a toll gate which is currently be build at the entrance of Botswana which we are investigating, if this is true, it means that our government is not taking us serious about the issue of poverty.

COSATU NW once more welcomes the approval to protest and informs the South African public that the march will be legal and under the watchful eye of law enforcement agencies such as the South African Police services.

COSATU NW will always respect the rule of law and do things according to the laws.

We are warning those officials and the police to stop taking political instructions to arrest workers, including refusing permission on the basis of factions within the government.

COSATU NW once more calls on the all the road users and the community of the North West, including the international community, who are affected by this expensive toll gate, to come out in mass and join the protest action to voice their dissatisfaction about the high toll fee.

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