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The lawyers of Mac Maharaj who is the spokesperson on President Zuma have responded to what is seen as inaccurate reports by the Mail & Guardian newspaper. The newspaper is accused of making inaccurate reports in an attempt to paint some government officials as corrupt leading to 2014 elections.

In the response Maharaj's lawyer said:

"We are instructed to respond as follows to your email under reply:
1. It stands to reason, should it be correct that Ms Carim had previously mentioned these allegations to whomsoever, that it was simply not published or acted upon because of its origin and the lack of veracity of these allegations.  Perhaps even more so if regard is had to the motive with which these “revelations” are made.

2. Responsible journalism requires of you to treat these false, and undoubtedly uncorroborated allegations in a similar light, especially where your motive in publishing allegations of this nature is similarly suspicious and where Ms Carim’s “approach” to you hardly appears to be coincidental.  An “approach”, we hasten to add, to the very employees of the Mail & Guardian who are suspects in a criminal investigation relating to serious offences committed which directly affect Mr Maharaj.

3. Mr and Mrs Maharaj, accordingly, deny and reject these false allegations. We thank you for the opportunity to answer to this ad hoc trivialty."

There is an increase of complaints from South African abuse what is seen as biased reporting. These inaccurate reports are understood to be pioneered by media leading to 2014 elections.

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