Helen Zille
The letter that proves that Helen Zille solicited money from the Guptas has been leaked to the public. This has angered many people who had thought that Zille and the DA were clean from corruption. Earlier in the week Zille had denied that she was involved and that the DA's fundraising committee was dealing with Guptas. The letter pains a different picture as it shows that Zille is the one who signed the letter.

The letter is making rounds on social media and people have voiced their anger:

"There is no problem if the Gupta family donates money to the DA butt it becomes an issue they go around saying the Anc is giving away the country to Gupta family while they get money from the same family," said Nathi

"This R300 000 is hardly enough to help this young man to finish University but these idiots claim it was enough assist the DA to achieve its elective objectives. Clowns. We need proper leaders man...not these uneducated opportunists," said Sam.

"The point here is not about the DA receiving money. Its about Zille who villifies The Guptas, trounces the ANC for receiving donations. THEN she releases a statement saying they received donations from Mr Nel in his private capacity. Now we see in this letter that she even thanked Mr Gupta. Why would I thank you if your employee gave me money in his personal capacity? DA acts holier than the ANC. Thats what makes them worse," said Abongile.

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