It has emerged that Moeletsi Mbeki could be working with Ramphele to form a political party called Agang. This comes after the Agang website went live yesterday.

The Agang's webiste domain appears to be registered under a non-profit organisation called Great Potential South Africa.This company was registered with the (CIPC) on December 14 last year. Its directors, all of whom were appointed on the same day, are listed as Prince Mashele, Brutas Madala, Moeletsi Mbeki and Mamphela Ramphele. It is not clear yet as to whether funding for the formation of Agang was channel via the ngo involved. 

Moeletsi Mbeki is the chairperson of the Forum for Public Dialogue (FPD) and Brutus Madala a senior researcher. Prince Mashele was CEO of the organisation until he was suspended by the board of the FPD on January 14 this year following a falling out with Mbeki. It is alleged that their fallout came after Mbeki was accused of being involved in shady deals which was reported on the Mail & Guardian early this year.

The Anc has raised concerns about the manner in which funds were raised to support Agang. In a statement issued yesterday the Anc said: "This pronouncement comes after reported fund raising efforts by Dr Ramphela in foreign countries that include the United States of America. We just hope that the pumping of foreign funds in South Africa will not undermine the further democratization and transformation in our country."

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