There is increase of complaints directed to Volkswagen Facebook campaign for having had winners of their cars coming from other racial groups excluding black winners. A facebook user's comment on VW page read: "I would like to congratulate Ahmed Joosab as the winner of the New Golf 7. I am a bit worried though that the winners I have see so far are of other racial groups other than black/African. Is this correct and is it done purposefully?"

Another user commented on the same page as follows: "Same thing is hapening with Varsity Rugby cup competions 2013...All the cars are being won by the white race..Interesting aspect!!!"

Volkswagen tried to respond to these allegations by saying: "As with any competition we run, the result was overseen by independent auditors. Let's be happy for the lucky winner! Regards, Sean." This response was not received well as it was seen as avoiding the question asked.

More comments followed and one user said, "I am a VW driver nad boy I tell you, the Rustenburg branch is full of racist, its like they are doing you a favor when you take your car for service. I am not surprised by your observation."

Another comment read, "I have noticed that almost all your new cars video adverts feature only one race (white) group. Why is it like that? I am not sure of your sales stats which might justify this act but still I think black buyers are of a reasonable number so it can't be that your ads target only one race."

Another user raised concerns about the fact that when VW launches its new vehicles, only white people are invited to come for the launch and to use new cars for the whole day for free. This could not be verified with VW marketing department.

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