It is alleged that President Jacob Zuma has received numerous letters from organisation and individuals asking him to act against what is dubbed as a propaganda championed by some formations obsessed about the so called ‘spy tapes’.

These letters have revealed that there is a growing concern about some media organisations spreading lies about what transpired in relations to spy tapes.

It is alleged that the DA has been lobbying for financial support to carry out its High Court application to have spy tapes released. What concerns many that this is a political plot led by the DA to damage the reputation of some individuals including President Zuma.

It appears that many people are upset by the fact that the DA is well aware of legal processes and is acting as if they don’t know that the tapes form part of Zuma’s confidential representations and these cannot be released for the public.

“It is very misleading for the DA and friends to claim that the content of the tapes is not know. These tapes are still in the hands of the NPA and prosecutors were given a chance to listen to these tapes”, said one senior media official.
“The NPA is thus confident that its decision is based on information that was intercepted legally and obtained legally by the NPA,” Mpshe said. But Kemp J Kemp, argues that the fact the tapes were obtained from the NIA – which the DA is relying on in order to get its hands on the full transcripts – was irrelevant.