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The Anc has scored yet another victory yesterday when the Electoral Court found that DA's smses about Nkandla are lies. The Anc had approach the court after the DA sent smses to more than 1.5 million people begging them to vote DA on basis that Zuma had stolen tax payers money. The court found this to be untrue.

The court ordered the DA to send out another SMS through a bulk short message service to all earlier recipients of the first SMS. The order of the court did not end there. It further directed the DA as to how to phrase the sms. “The DA retracts the SMS dispatched to you which falsely stated that President Zuma stole R246m to build his home. The SMS violated the Code and the Act.”

This is yet another set back for the DA as it is struggling to convince many to vote for them. Many people have accused for acting like SA is America where Obama ran his campaign through social media.

It is not clear whether the DA will have time and enough resources to appeal the decision of the court.

The court found to justify the publication of the SMS message, the DA had relied on the “licence to loot” phrase in the Public Protector’s report. “Reliance on this phrase is completely misplaced because it ignores the context in which it was used and the fact that President Zuma is not implicated in the ‘licence to loot’ situation,” the judgment reads. “In fact, rather than attributing the excessive costs of the Nkandla project to President Zuma, the report focuses on systematic failures.”